Bell & Trice Enterprises, Inc.

Business Process Re-engineering and Change Management Planning & Implementation

Business processes are literally how organizations get things done—for good or ill. Effective business processes are the steps organizations take to accomplish their goals. Similarly, ineffective business processes diminish or destroy an organization’s ability to accomplish its goals.

BTE identifies, evaluates, and, where necessary, re-engineers business processes. We recommend business processes that improve clients’ operations and we help clients create and implement Change Management plans to attain their organization-wide goals.

Change Management Plannig and Implementation is essential to the success of attaining goals that require change in how an organization gets things done.

BTE helps its clients—from single departments to complex organizations:

  • Identify challenges and opportunities for improvement
  • Recommend plans for change
  • Engage its people in the change process
  • Evaluate progress toward achieving goals.

BTE services include:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Employee management and motivation
  • Process re-engineering