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Cynthia A. Linhart

Dr. Cynthia Linhart serves senior management and board members of colleges and universities, educational institutions, and a wide variety of nonprofit organizations in:

  • designing and facilitating strategic, operational, and capital planning processes,
  • assessing board and internal governance effectiveness,
  • conducting program and administrative productivity reviews, and
  • guiding executive searches.

After serving five years with KPMG Peat Marwick's consulting practice, Dr. Linhart formed Linhart Consulting in 1991 to provide highly personalized assistance to educational and nonprofit organizations in building commitment to change.

Throughout her consulting career, Dr. Linhart has focused on designing processes, quantitative models, and benchmarking tools to support data-based and informed decision-making about organizational futures and on a broad range of issues. She also facilitates strategic discussions among management and constituent groups, often representing disparate views, to build consensus on action.

Prior to initiating her consulting career in 1986, she served and gained twelve years of management experience at the University of Pittsburgh. While at the University, she provided support to the President and senior staff by conducting special analytic studies and preparing documents for policy development, planning, and decision-making. She also served as Executive Secretary of the Commission for Commonwealth Universities and represented The Pennsylvania State University, Temple University, and the University of Pittsburgh at the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities where she worked in collaboration with representatives from Pennsylvania's other higher education sectors. In addition, she represented the Commonwealth Universities at all State Board of Education meetings and worked closely with the Commissioner for Higher Education on special issues.

Dr. Linhart contributes to the educational and nonprofit communities through her presentations, training seminars, and publications. She has presented papers and published articles reflecting a wide variety of issues in education and nonprofit management, including strategic planning and finance. In addition, Dr. Linhart was a contributing author to KPMG Peat Marwick's proprietary strategic planning toolkit, The Resource Development System, and served as an instructor in strategic planning training seminars for a large number of diverse nonprofit organizations. She has also designed and taught master's and doctoral-level courses in educational planning and management, and master's-level courses in statistics, research design, and evaluation methodology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Cynthia A. Linhart, Ph. D is certified as an MBE in the State of Maryland with the Maryland Department of Transportation (Certification Number MDOT MBE 08-066) and as a WBE in the State of Pennsylvania with the Department of General Services (Certification Number 100531Cynthia).

Dr. Linhart received a B.A. with honors in Psychology from Chatham College, and a M.A. degree in Educational Research and a Ph.D. in Higher Education from the University of Pittsburgh.