Bell & Trice Enterprises, Inc.

BTE Representative Projects

Bell & Trice Enterprises is a management consulting firm that offers a unique range of expertise for our clients. We provide short-term and long-term solutions for leaders of non-profit and for-profit organizations such as non-governmental organizations, colleges and universities, and governmental agencies.

Descriptions follow of several projects which advanced our clients’ interests.

Administrative and Financial Operations Assessment. The governing board and new president of a private college asked BTE to conduct a strategic assessment of several administrative operations and to make recommendations on the most pressing needs for change in these operations. The president used BTE's report as a basis for planning and implementing improved services for students, faculty and other members of the educational community.

Business, Financial and Governance Assessment and Planning. BTE worked very effectively with a strategic partner on a complex, rapid, business assessment and planning process for a quasi-governmental for-profit corporation. The report arising from this joint effort encompassed assessments of several complex matters including: the financial status and controls for the corporation; management processes and resources; the implications of the extensive statutory environment; the governing board's expectations and concerns; the legislative environment in the context of the report's business plan; and best practices. Within 90 days BTE and its strategic partner completed the assessment and submitted an extensive report with specific recommendations for improvements in all of these areas. This report also provided the corporation with a business model for addressing its funding challenges. The governing board was very pleased with the report.

Change Management. BTE assessed and recommended short- and long-term administrative enhancements for a public university's offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar and Bursar. As part of this project, we engaged a strategic partner's specialized expertise in best practices for student financial aid to complement our expertise in finance, budget, management and regulatory evaluation. We provided our client with a timely assessment and recommendations regarding compliance issues that led to improvements in the University's relationship with the U.S. Department of Education regarding financial aid. This engagement led to a change management plan and implementation process that was well-received by the university, its governing board, statewide system and institutional CEOs, and the court monitor who was evaluating these operations for a federal court in the context of a consent decree.

Information Technology Assessment and Planning. BTE was engaged to assess the information technology capabilities and needs for a new professional school at a public university. Time was of the essence for this project because of the timeline for making IT services available to students, faculty and staff. In less than 60 days, we produced a report which provided critical information for the planning process for the new professional school.

Strategic Planning. BTE developed a strategic planning workshop and processes for a professional school and its new leader. The professional school is part of a private university. BTE guided the planning process for the workshop and also facilitated the workshop. BTE’s planning advice served as the basis for several strategic and tactical implementation work groups and activities at the institution. Months later BTE was asked to facilitate strategic planning for one of the professional school's academic centers.

A public university client engaged BTE over a multi-year process to facilitate the strategic planning process for administrators, faculty and staff and later to assist in the implementation of strategic, tactical and operational initiatives. BTE also assisted in the development of the process for assessing progress toward strategic goals.

Cross-Corporate Assessment. BTE was engaged by an umbrella non-profit corporation to work with subsidiary non-profit corporations to develop a plan for cross-corporate assessment. The project timeframe was less than 60 days. BTE worked with the leadership of the subsidiaries and umbrella organization to develop a collaborative plan for cross-corporate assessment which was well-received by staff leadership and formed the basis for discussions and planning with the various governing boards.

Board Diversity Change Management Workshop. BTE developed a customized diversity workshop for the governing board of a non-profit education services organization to assist in managing change resulting from rapid growth in projects and staff. The board and executive leadership used the workshop to develop their vision for diversity as a major tool to serve the organization's needs during a period of rapid growth in clients and specialized professional educational staff. The members of the board engaged actively in the workshop and expressed their appreciation for the workshop as a tool to meet the organization's immediate and long-term needs for advancing its mission, vision and goals.